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Chunk It Down! (Getting to the Nitty Gritty of Your Goals)

chunk it down.jpg

In the past, I worked as a library shelver. Despite the Dewey Decimal system ringing in my mind and the strain on my eyes (so many numbers!), one of the many benefits was viewing the library's collection. As I was browsing through a particular section, I came across a book which consisted of breaking down your goals into manageable daily bits. I wish that I could remember the title of the book. I searched the online catalog, Amazon, Google, and other sites, but could not find the title, unfortunately. Now, to the matter at hand: chunking it down. This is an elaboration on one of the instructions from the MoMo (Month-By-Month Method). Take one of your goals and chunk it down into tiny steps, as small as you could possibly go. Some people become intimidated by their own goals and this is not surprising. We sometimes view our dreams as monstrous giants that overpower us and subconsciously we develop a fear of the beautiful visions of our own creation. Do not fear your giant, it is there to lift you up, not to terrify you. Chunking dreams down can be a fun process and as an example, I will use an imaginary goal to demonstrate this process. GOAL: "Make two excellent portraits every week" STEPS

  • Make the first portrait in 3 days, the second portrait in 4 days

  • Scan them, then place them on a disk

  • All of the portraits must be the same size for consistency

  • Buy a portfolio for them

  • At the end of the year, I should have 104 drawings

  • By the end of January I should have 8 drawings

Doing this for each goal that you believe needs to be detailed will bring you clarity and give you the confidence to begin. You do not have to eat an entire pizza in one bite (unless it is doll sized), you can eat it slice by slice. You also have this option with your goals. There are times when I need something more to push me to complete my goals. That is why in my Bucket Book, I put the BENEFITS of my goals as well (usually on a different page, but you can do it after your steps if you wish). Here is an example:

GOAL: "Make two excellent portraits every week"


  • I can add it to my portfolio

  • I can sell the work I created

  • It will help me to strengthen my drawing skills

  • I will get back into the habit of creating art again

Always remember that even if you do not complete a particular goal, you are not a failure. There are some dreams that flourish in their own season and that is perfectly fine. This does not mean, however, that you should bury your ambitions in a coffin. I did not complete my portrait challenge. I only completed the portrait above and this one below. But it is still my goal and I plan to complete it, even if I have to alter it a bit to fit my new schedule. Dreams are whatever you make of them. YOU are in control.

(January 2014) Portrait _1.jpg

(Artwork by Kiarra Lynn Smith)

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