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A Hobby a Month: a Personal Growth Challenge


Life arrives to us like a raw and exotic meal, but for some reason we transform it into a microwaveable dinner. One evening, while chewing on your plastic meal you suddenly hear, "You're boring me."

Who said that? YOU DID.

Boring ourselves is an insult to the fascinating beings that we are. Almost everyone has a different moment when they realize they have committed this crime. Most of the time we can become discouraged, but it comes out in moments of envy, low self-esteem, depression or other negative emotions. My moment came when I threw down a book about an exciting person. "Well good for you Miss Look-At-Me-I-Can-Do-Whatever-I-Want."

Perhaps sounding like an obnoxious two-year old was the awakening.

We do not have to start our path to fascination on a flying dragon or with a volcanic entrance. Your journey can begin simply by doing one new hobby per month. A hobby per month may sound like a formulaic self-help chapter, however, it will add freshness to your life. There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of hobbies to experience. Some you may have never heard of and others have not been invented yet.

Let me give you an overview of how this H.A.M. (Hobby a Month) will work.


  • You will do one new hobby/activity per month. Preferably, it will be a hobby you have never tried before.

  • If you do not like the activity, try to continue doing it for the entire month. Sometimes, we do not like an activity in the beginning and over time, we become fond of it over time.

  • Begin with something simple to gain momentum.

  • Research all that you can about your hobby. Its history, icons of it, etc. Read books, articles ot talk to others about it. If you wish, feel free to record what you have learned in a journal, video blog, online blog, essay or discussion group.

  • At the end of the month, decide if this is a hobby you wish to keep in your life, delete or pursue more deeply.

  • Write down what you liked or disliked about the hobby.


  • You will become more knowledgeable on various subjects. It will give you a better understanding of the history of the your hobby and how it has influenced the world.

  • You may meet new people and make new friends as you are pursuing your hobbies. When we step out of our common social zone, new activities will draw others to you.

  • It will make you a more interesting person and eliminate the obstacle of trying new things.

  • You may find a new craft or career. It can bring more money into your life.

  • It has the potential to transform your life. Some hobbies have caused people to develop a better body or even greater spiritual awareness. You will never find out until you try!

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