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2015: The Beginning of Something New


Each year, I browse through my Bucket Book and reflect on all of the goals I have or have not completed. As I read through the goals that I have not accomplished, an expanding orb of empowerment begins to awaken in my soul. Failure may lurk with its haggard face, but I ignore it due to the assurance of the transformation a new year can bring. I have chosen the following resolutions to be my goals for the year 2015. My ambitions are:

  1. Do the Month By Month Personal Development Plan

  2. Write 50 poems

  3. Personal Goal #1

  4. Grow my hair to my waist

  5. Begin a new journal

  6. Become fit, toned and healthy

  7. Master one language

  8. Read 25 valuable books

  9. Publish another book

  10. Learn the basic signs in sign language

  11. Become prosperous

  12. Travel

  13. Get my passport

  14. Drink water everyday

  15. Open up a financial account for business

  16. Win a writing competition/get writings published

  17. Memorize poems

  18. Practice Jamu and other beauty techniques

  19. Document my finances in a notebook

  20. Postcrossing throughout the year

  21. Write an e-book once a month under different pen names

  22. Become very active with the Quizzical Qards site

  23. Make 100 decorative bags

  24. Complete at least one project from my Profitable Ideas list

  25. Personal Goal #2

  26. Say my affirmations daily

  27. Give, sell or throw away my things.

Throughout the year, I will document my progress for each goal using the methods from my Bucket Book. I will write of any obstacle or accomplishment so that anyone reading this can read (in real time!) goals being manifested. I am ready to begin!

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