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How to Get Things Done: an Achiever’s Guide to Better Time Management (Sixty-Minute Training Series)


TITLE: Getting Things Done: An Achiever’s Guide to Better Time Management

SERIES Sixty-Minute Training Series ™

AUTHORS: Paul Kraly and Paula Kalamaras

EDITED: National Press Publications – A Division of Rockhurst College Continuing Education Center

COPYRIGHT: 1998 National Press Publications Inc.

Printed in the United States

ISBN 1-55852-012-0

While cleaning off my bookshelf, I had a serendipitous encounter with the book. I was overwhelmed with all of the tasks that I had to accomplish and the book seemed to say, “Read me and you will know what to do!”

The book was an enjoyable read because it was to the point and brief. Though it was targeted toward those who had careers in offices and management, I learned decent lessons from its pages. The book was understanding, it knew that I was a human being who couldn’t multiply myself to get work done. It takes the reader back to basic time saving steps: delegating tasks, saying no, making time consuming situations brief, filing systems and incorporating work techniques into the home. I especially liked their blurbs on perfectionism and procrastination. I realized that I had “fallen into the perfectionism trap” which led to procrastination. The book is also a work book so you can write in it (or simply make copies of the writing assignments.) I read the book in several hours, but I am going to re-read it slowly and truly absorb the information.

An interesting fact about this book: on the copyright page it says that the publication company tries its best to use nonsexist language. Therefore, the odd chapters use “he” and the even chapters use “she.”

I would recommend this book to people who do not have much time to read but wish to be organized. I would also suggest it for those who have begun working for a company (particularly in offices) and for those transitioning into management positions.


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