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Update on My Book

My progress on my Let’s Speak Kiswahili book feels like an elephant trying to fit into a petite bikini. It can get it on once the struggle is complete. I had been thoroughly satisfied thinking that the book was complete, until I gazed upon the proof. For some reason, the Master Page titles had knocked paragraphs of my writing out of alignment. I didn’t understand, the PDF had looked perfectly fine. As a result, I had to push the book’s release to the middle of February. I am somewhat happy, somewhat disappointed. I was disappointed because I simply wanted it published and be done with it. On the other hand, I am glad because now I have the opportunity to add more to my book or even do a very thorough proofreading of it. There’s a bright side to everything.

Once it is complete, I can finally focus on marketing it. I thought that I had a negative habit of procrastination, but in recent years, I have learned that it is actually perfectionism. I want the book to be “perfect”, I want accuracy in the language. My desire is for it to be educational and enjoyable, as close to quality as possible. However, most of my energy was being poured into the book. I didn’t notice that all of my concentration was on the project.

My friend said, “Kiarra, the book is done.”

I disagreed, “No, no, it isn’t done. I have to add this and change this and blah-blah-blah.”

She replied, “Kiarra. The book is DONE. You just don’t want it to be done.”

She was correct.

What happens when a project you have grown attached to ends? It is like an empty feeling. Sometimes, there is relief, but other times, you feel as if you have just lost your favorite hat on an international vacation. The way I am handling the end of my project is to say this to myself, “There are more projects to work on. There is more excitement to enjoy.” And it is true.

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