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Being Prepared


Over the past year, I have finally come to the full understanding of preparedness. For some people, this knowlede of it comes early on and helps them to speed through like a professional skater in a sparkling costume. But not all of us have glitter trailing on our skirts, many of us have bandages on our knees because we were stubborn and didn't follow instructions. And some of us followed the instructions and still ended up with a gash from falling on the ice face forward. Lack of preparation is not a pretty sight. It is standing in the board meeting trying to smart talk your way through a half written speech. It is sitting the audience at a costume contest because you fell behind in making your costume. But it will be all right, your entire life is a day of preparation.

I recently began to make my portfolio: an illustrated curriculum vitae. I should have done this a long time ago, but there were obstacles in my way. Barriers can occur in your life and you may not be responsible for them. However, these barriers were 110% my fault.

What were the barriers and what did I lose or gain because of them?

Barrier: Lack of confidence

Loss: Producing low quality products. Missing opportunities.

Gain: Building my self-esteem. Challenging myself.

Barrier: Lack of certain skills because I was waiting to be taught.

Loss: Due to lack of skiils, I cheated myself out of money. Falling behind in my career. Delay of certain goals.

Gain: Beginning the path to gain those skills and more. Being patient with myself.

Barrier: Failure

Loss: Loss of confidence and energy.

Gain: Starting from scratch with a new vigor.

Barrier: Being hard on myself.

Loss: Because I was not "perfect" I would not begin projects.

Gain: I learned to be more gentle with myself. I gained patience with myself and with life.

These are just a few examples. And though I may say to myself or be told, "You should have done this portfolio years ago! You should have gone through ________ program! You should have filled out for this grant or scholarship! etc", I do not beat myself up about it. Today is new and tomorrow is newer. There is always a new moment to improve and prepare.

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