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Seasonal Poetry: Poems for Summer Book Review (from the Bookshelf of Kiarra Lynn Smith)

TITLE Seasonal Poetry: Poems for Summer

AUTHOR Selected by Robert Hull

ILLUSTRATOR Annabel Spenceley

SERIES EDITOR Catherine Ellis

DESIGNER Ross George

PUBLISHER Steck-Vaughn Company


This book has been in my collection since I was a child and I have always loved it. As I mature, my appreciation for the collection grows more and more. It is a book filled with poems of quality from poets of different eras and backgrounds. It is representative of the moods of summer, from gentle grasses swaying lazily or the thirst for rain. You can smell summer, touch it and hear it while reading. It is not a massive selection of writings, but is simple in its content. It contains the perfect amount of poetry and is a book that you can slip into a beach bag or read beneath summer stars. The book’s layout lets the eyes rest on the lulling imagery and soft colors. There is no flashiness about this book and it works well.

I recommend this book to anyone of any age as a starter book for reading poetry. This book is a part of a series of seasonal books.


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