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Black History Month Program: An Honest Assessment

To celebrate Black History Month, my mentor conducted a program at Divoll Branch Library and titled it “An Honest Assessment.” It was a wonderful time of displaying visual art, sharing poetry and more.

I displayed my work and read two sonnets. I had Collective Face: a Series of Quatrains on Community Building on display with several of my prints and my Phillis Wheatley box. My friend, who is a writer displayed her adult book for women and her children’s books about cats. Another acquaintance of mine had a table of prints, calendars, notecards and more of her art and writing. I also had another visual artist friend, who owns a gallery. She displayed her sacred ancestral candles and decorative pots.

There was a table set up as a book display and it was very lovely. It had all sorts of books from various authors of Afrikan descent. We all sang “Lift Every Voice and Sing” and read poetry aloud. We began and ended the program with poetry written by Ray Durem. My friend who owns the gallery performed a chakra cleansing tutorial for the audience.

We discussed Black History Month as a tool and whether or not we needed it anymore. Is it negative to confine Black History Month to only one month out of the year? Are we utilizing it correctly or has the month turned into a setback for the Afrikan community? We each gave our reasons for why we felt the celebration is or isn't necessary.

I enjoyed myself at this gathering, I look forward to having another one in the near future.

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