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Ferguson Mural

A friend from high school sent me a message on Facebook and said that I was on the cover of Lindenwood University’s paper. “What?” I asked. I did not know I was in the paper, but my mother and I drove to the school and sure enough, there I was. I do remember meeting Lindenwood students while I was helping to paint the mural for Hidden Treasures.

The article covered the story about various muralists painting in Ferguson. I grew up in Ferguson and still went there often because my grandmother’s house was there. I had not painted a mural in many years, but while driving, my mother and I saw people painting. I ended up joining them. A handful of the people lived out of town, however, so there would usually be four of us. And for about a week or so, it was only me. The only things I painted on the mural were: a little girl with locs, the part that said “I Still have a Dream”, and colorful circles. I also painted tiny sections of Dr. King’s face, the overall image was painted by a woman named Gina. I had a fun time reading the article.

I am happy to see how Ferguson has turned into a display of visual art. I truly hope that it can become a mural town. I met many people while painting and many of them were from out of town. It has become almost like a place of pilgrimage for people. I hope it continues to impact people everywhere.


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