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Let's Speak! Kiswahili and Marketing

I recently published Let’s Speak! Kiswahili and I am proud of my accomplishment! Right now, I am in the stages of marketing it. So far, I believe that I have taken great steps in this goal of book promotion. The steps are basic, but they are the beginning to larger steps. I made a facebook page for the book, an About.Me page, a personal email and a Craigslist ad. I have also made fliers for it and now my mindset is to get it into bookstores. I will have to begin emailing people about it and also working on book #2. I have to begin work on the second book because it is a SERIES. I have already begun illustrations and have the outline of book 2 complete. It is up to me to decide in which direction this book and series will go. I copyrighted the book as well.

Creating this book has been a special season for me. It truly has helped me to grow and taught me to reach for quality even more. Each step is a building block towards the high quality books that I have told myself I will create. It also inspires me because it forces me to be more driven, confident, introspective and expansive in my vision. I can’t wait to grow even more.

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