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My Goals for 2017

Goals in progress

In recent years, I have stopped asking people, "Did you make any New Year's Resolutions?" because it has frequently sparked debates. Either it is an argument about Gregorian Calendars or a lecture on the lack of usefulness in annual half-completed decisions.

However, I still enjoy making yearly goals for myself and it is delightfully challenging to come up with new ways accomplish my desires. Though I "fail" frequently each year on certain resolutions, there are so many more that I complete. My failures place my goals into perspective and encourage me to be more disciplined. One goal I had on my resolutions list for three years before I accomplished it. My drive to achieve has grown stronger when the same incomplete resolution appears on my list. Sometimes, I am not ready for this goal in particular because there are certain qualities I must develop. Other times, I become so disgusted that this goal has shown its malnourished face once more, I know I MUST feed it and achieve it.

I have divided my goals into categories this year and some overlap one another in order to make two rainbows out of one thunderstorm. I have approximately 60 goals but I will not list them all here. Instead, I will list the categories and explain why I believe that they are important to me.


During my years of high school and college, I was never able to truly read all of the books I desired because my time was consumed by homework, extracurricular activities and simply spending my hours working toward graduation. Now that I have more time, I am able to read for both leisure and personal development. Reading not only gives me new perspectives on certain topics, it also gives me inspiration for future books and art pieces. Books such as self-help books are influential in my life and have been a wonderful aid in solving personal issues in a healthy manner. Reading connects you with others and can teach you about subjects you may have never known about. People usually respect those who well-read and consider them to be quite learned. Books can truly transform your life. Great books have sparked external and internal movements.


This is self-explanatory. Having a career that you enjoy is more pleasurable than a simple job. The time that you invest in your career reaps grand financial (perhaps) and personal benefits. You can add your own flavor to your career because you are the one who defines it. It matures with you.


Sometimes I want to be whimsical and do random challenges such as learning every country's flag or memorizing constellations.


I need to remain healthy so that I can complete my goals in a timely and efficient manner. At the beginning of the year, I had a rather annoying health issue and this emphasized the importance of the relationship between my health and my goals. Because I was sick, it forced me to slow down and my projects were delayed. When you are healthy and radiating with vitality, there is so much that you can accomplish.


Being broke distracts you from everything. When your money is in order, usually everything else falls easily into place.


I'd like to see the world because there are certain things I wish to learn and do.


If I do not say what I want to say while my heart is still beating, I will never be able to say it. There are lists of books and poems that I wish to write and only I can write them for I am their vessel. It is fun to experiment with new ways of writing.

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