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Creation is often viewed as a process that takes place with ease, order and perfection. It is like a spotless room where creation can allow itself to unfold without the mess.

Perhaps this is the brighter side of it, the part that we are all comfortable with.

But such a viewpoint is not the full face of creation.

Sometimes, there is a something or a someone who is ripped away from our lives. There is a smashing and a crashing of emotions or a period where our trials seem to have no end. The pain that we feel when disappointments are tossed into our faces catches us on the blind side. Sometimes, life will backhand you across your face because you were asleep or because it is time to move on to the next stage of your life. Often, we become comfortable with mediocrity and settle into a toxic complacency that does not serve us, nor does it serve the world. The overstated saying "Get out of your comfort zone" has a lasting message to it. We are comfortable in the wombs of our mothers, but we cannot stay there forever, for it will bring harm to the mother and the child. We want to see butterflies, but we can never do so until the caterpillar dies and becomes its greater self.

The pain of your creation is strength. After you have been recreated a thousand times, soon enough, there will be no pain. Soon enough, you will embrace the lessons that come with it. Many people hold onto worn-out conditions because that is all they know and all that they expect for themselves. We cannot hold ourselves in a claustrophobic state of mind. We must always be growing and being because that is what life calls for. When we see the power in this, we will return to our creation again and again and again.


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