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Book Review: The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra is a small book compacted with a treasure trove of consciousness. Chopra simplifies ancient concepts and uses these teachings as a guide to become spiritually wealthy. I found myself returning to certain chapters to have a better understanding of the book’s message.

Though this book was short, I did my best to read it at a slower pace in order to absorb the lessons into my mind. If I needed to be more dedicated to a certain concept, an internal nudge told me to reflect on the words that I had read. There were specific chapters which reached out to me at a designated moment. One chapter in particular that was challenging for me to grasp was “The Law of Least Effort.” Though I could understand the concept of simply “being”, experiencing actual beingness was fascinating. This law required me to stop exerting so much energy on things in my life that were not working. This did not mean to give up at the first failure. It means to become fluid like water and let a greater and wiser force to direct our flow. The more that we become our true selves, we ebb away at our obstacles, slowly but surely.

The chapter "The Law of Detachment" paired perfectly with "The Law of Least Effort" because it is easy to detach when you let go of the reigns of having complete control. Once this happens, we invite peace into our world. We came into this universe with nothing more than our physical body and our spiritual riches. Allowing ourselves to be defined by material possessions and titles that feed the ego keeps us chained to empty things. The Law of Detachment teaches us how to be free.

Overall, I found the book to be a sweet review of and introduction to universal principles. Simple in its language and complex in its virtues.

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