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One of the quickest ways to manifest something into your life is to transform the environment around you (if this is within your power). For some people, it is difficult to alter your mindset because external barriers or conflicts are showing you a different message. If creative visualization has not caused any changes, bringing order into your life, order that can be seen, is an impactful option to choose.

Whenever I am having stumbling blocks in my life, the first action I take is to clean or banish something. The "something" that I am referring to can either be living or inanimate and it has to be something that is in the physical world. This something can be a cluttered living room, my refrigerator, a friend, clothes and more. Usually, I will clean either my bedroom or the living room first for these are the two rooms that are distinct presentations of what is occurring in my mind. On average, if I look at one of these two rooms and see chaos and disorder everywhere, I can easily find the connection between them and what is happening in my life.

You have to create space for what you want, for if there is something that you dislike in your immediate environment, it can block your desire. It is like a clot in a blood vessel which stops the flow of everything. It is dying branch on a living tree which can potentially harm the other healthy parts. Once this unhealthy part is "cut off", it allows the energy to flow into your world. Different forms of spirituality vary in the naming of this energy, but essentially, it is all the same.

For example, whenever I wanted new clothes, I would go into my closet and throw or give away anything I didn't want. I did not want drab attire to color my life with boredom. When I made room by deleting that which did not serve me, new clothes would appear in my life within a week, sometimes the next day or the day of! And I didn't have to spend a single dime! This was the beginning of my own realization between creating order within and without. It was quite magical.

I began to practice this method and deleting even larger things from my life. When I wanted to manifest an apartment, I began packing and getting rid of the objects that would not be useful in my new home. I wrote that I wanted to be in my place by June 30th and all of the details of what it would look like, including its location. To a person with sensibility, this would seem impossible because at the time I had written all of the details, I was jobless and I had no money saved. Still, I prepared for my good. As a result of showing that I was preparing, a job came to me soon after I placed my request. Not only did I get an apartment that matched every single requirement on my list, but I signed the lease on June 30th.

There was a situation where I was in a state of financial instability. It caused me stress for a few months and it seemed that no matter what I did, nothing was looking up for me in that area of my life. I was not in a position to muster up the mood to use creative visualization. The only thing I could do was to clean up my living room, which at that moment was a disorganized writing and art studio. I cleaned every single section of the room with all of the strength in my body. I didn't have enough energy to transform my mindset so I ignited my dormant passion and transferred it over into cleaning. The moment I finished cleaning, I put a finishing mark on it: a sign that said "BELIEVE." I knew right then that my situation would become better. Soon after, I received an opportunity that stabilized fixed my dilemma.

This method can be done for any area of your life. For example, if you want to attract a romantic partner, make room for them, even if you see no prospects. Set an extra plate for him or her at the dinner table. Mark a date night in your schedule or write a love letter to him or her. You may have to go so far as ending a relationship with someone, for how can your true love come if there is someone in his or her space? It may seem silly, but it will prepare your mind for their arrival. If your mind will not paint the situation in a new light, use preparation as the precursor for your desires coming to pass.

When you create order, understand that it is a process. The first result that you will get is a feeling of peace or relief inside. You may have broken away from something or someone you cherished to make space for newness. However, this breaking away is also a part of the process. Some things do not occur immediately for they must take time. A child takes time to form in the womb and comes at its own perfect time. The seasons happen in their time and so do the workings of your own body. Do not rush the order, be aware of the every step of the way.

When you bring order to your life, life will bring its order to you.

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