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Book Review: "Wishes Fulfilled: Mastering the Art of Manifesting" by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

I found Dr. Wayne W. Dyer's book Wishes Fulfilled: Mastering the Art of Manifesting on a shelf at my job. It came at a most appropriate time, which seems to be a common occurrence in my life, in regards to his books. I read through it quickly, as I usually do with his writings.

Dr. Dyer's books are not a chore to read because he writes in a conversational tone. Because he writes in this fashion it is easier for the reader to be open to and absorb new ideas which may challenge their current perspective. The title of the book is what caught my attention, for who doesn't want their happiest desires to come forth into reality?

Though Wishes Fulfilled housed concepts that I either intuitively knew or had studied before, I did come across information I had either never seen or had overlooked. I had heard the name Saint Germain and Neville Goddard before, but I didn't know who they were. He gave an excellent introduction of them and this has inspired me to read more about them. I always find it fascinating that when I am contemplating on a question, I find the answer, usually in one of Dr. Dyer's books. For example, I had been focusing on the concept "I AM" such as in the Hebrew Bible when God states "I AM That I Am." Ironically, I was working on a painting titled "I Am That I Am." I considered "I Am" an affirmative title because anything could be placed behind it. You can claim "I am prosperous" or "I am impoverished" and this is what you may invite into your life. Wayne Dyer thoroughly explained this concept and his written details aided me in understanding it. Though Dyer writes in an easy going style, one who is spiritually attuned can sense the depth of his studies, for he speaks from a place of knowing and not a place of "know-it-all."

There was another part of the book that made me reconsider a concept that I had brushed off: impressing your desires on your subconscious mind in your sleep. It was an idea that I had read and heard about countless times, yet I was never interested enough to practice it. I knew that it was powerful exercise, but I didn't exert any energy into applying it to my life. I have used ASMR meditations, binaural beats, hymns, monks chanting to speak to my mind in my sleep. However, I never truly prepared my mind for the messages, I simply wanted to have background noise for slumber. Dyer explained the power of mental suggestion as you drift off into your dream world and how you can use it to empower your life. I have decided to try this tactic once more with a different mindset.

I loved that this book had photographs of the orbs that followed Dyer and those in his conferences. Viewing the photographs introduced me to the variations of orbs that go beyond a simple circular shape. I would like to learn more about them.

To conclude, I enjoyed this book, partially because I love Dyer's work and partially due to the lessons I learned while reading it. I would recommend this title to anyone who would like to learn more about the art of manifestation broken down into simple and inspiring terms.

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