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April 2017 Accomplishments and Happenings

April 2017 was a month that was very good to me. Though I didn't make much art or read voraciously, it was a helpful month that allowed me to resolve a handful of financial issues.

I Got a New Job

It wasn't exactly "new" but it was with the same organization I had been working for since 2013. So I made my re-entrance. It was relieving for me because not only do I like the organization, but I was making more money and had full time hours. I made an attempt to work two other jobs in addition to that one and it proved to be challenging, so I simply worked at the main one. This job alleviated a large percentage of my stress. It allowed me to finally relax after playing the survival game for a few months.

My Cousin Came to Town

My cousin and I spent much of our childhood together before she relocated to Indianapolis with her mother, father and siblings. It was so much fun to see her again and to spend time with her. She was the best apartment guest ever.

Remembering Dr. King

Many people commemorate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day, but some do not pause to remember the day that he was assassinated. For several years, I have worn a button image of Dr. King on April 4th. I collected my buttons from the MLK marches I went to annually as a child. I suppose I will need another button, but of Maya Angelou, who stopped celebrating her birthday due to King's assassination.

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