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March 2017 Accomplishments

March was quite an exciting and transformative month. It set the tone for the rest of my year, even though there are many months until the year's end. Here is what I accomplished in March.

Book Signing

I had a book signing at Progressive Emporium. Though the signing focused on my new book, it was my first book signing for every one of my books (I have four in all). It was an experience that was encouraged me to continue writing, for it came at a time when I was lacking in confidence in regards to my work.


I had an interview for a position from the company I had worked for before. I was joyful that they called me because I loved working for this organization. I had hopes that the interview went well. I was told that I received the job and that it was full time. I couldn't decide if I was happier because now I had more money coming in or because now I could finally have some financial stability. It was like a miracle.

New Friend

I made a new friend in a very dire situation. My friend cooked me a dinner in memory of the traumatic event.

March was basically a month of catching up on everything. I managed to read two books despite working like a rabbit. I completed at least one art piece and I had lots of fun just going out and about. My efforts in March truly paid off for the month of April.

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