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My Most Precious Possessions

"What were and are your most precious possessions?"

I often do not become attached to my possessions, but there are some that I have become quite fond of over the years. There are items that I still have and others that I do not own anymore because they were either lost or destroyed. Here is a brief description of several of the items I have learned to cherish, even if these things are not in my life anymore.

1. Water Baby

I cannot remember who gave me my water baby doll, but it was a toy that I took everywhere as a child. It didn't have an official name, I simply called her Water Baby because it was the type of doll which could be filled with water. I loved filling Water Baby up with water, with as much water as I could until she was heavy and bloated. I vaguely remember chewing on her fingers and toes a lot. I don't know why I did that, but I usually did it when I was carrying her around. The end of Water Baby happened when I tried to slice her fingers to make them separate. I saw my error and attempted to stitch her fingers back together. Of course, she was made of rubber this was not a successful feat. I don't know where Water Baby is but she is a wonderful relic from my childhood.

2. Habari Gani: Angel of a New Day Statue

I had an angel figurine as a child. I believe my mother gave it to me. The statue was of a beautiful Afrikan child who had curly braids flowing down her shoulders and large wings. On the base that she was standing on there was a sign that read "Habari Gani: Angel of a New Day." At the time, I didn't know what habari gani meant. I would only learn as a teenager that it was a Kiswahili phrase that means "What's the news?" and is used as a greeting during the celebration of Kwanzaa. I adored my statue and wanted to pass it down to my future children. When I was about 26 years old, somebody close to me decided to destroy my angel figurines behind my back. I came home to discover that this person had broken off Habari Gani's beautiful hands that were raised toward the sky. I was so upset I threw her away because I couldn't find her hands. Recently, I purchased one of the two replicas I could find on the internet. I'm so glad to get my angel back again.

3. My Paintings: "Tomorrow", "Beyond Paradise", "I Can See Clearly Now", "Vav Hey Vav: Return to Creation", "Yud Lamed Yud: Return to the Embryonic State" and "Black Boy Dreaming"

I usually don't get attached to my work but these pieces in particular I have grown so fond of that I can't imagine not having them in my possession. A few of them I kept because they wouldn't sell. I personally believe that I subconsciously wanted them for myself and it repelled any opportunity to sell them.


It was an oil painting I created as a donation to one of my summer jobs. I gave this particular job the painting, but they didn't hang it on the walls. Days and days passed and still it wasn't on the wall, just gathering dust in a corner. One day, I took my painting back. I have had it ever since.

-Beyond Paradise

I based this painting off of the book "Half of a Yellow Sun" and attempted to sell it twice. The first time, a woman wanted to buy it for $400 but never did. The second person that came along wanted to buy it for $1300. However, they turned out to be a scammer. In the process of trying to sell it, I became attached to the painting and I am glad that I still own it.

-I Can See Clearly Now

This piece was inspired by Wayne Dyer's autobiography. Every time I looked at it, it made me happy because the painting contained all of the colors I loved.

-Vav Hey Vav

I started this painting on my 27th birthday. It was significant to me because all sorts of things were happening at that time. The piece wasn't selling but I never wanted to sell it anyway.

-Yud Lamed Yud

The more I painted this piece, the less I wanted to sell it. I love the blues in it, the mermaid. I love this painting.

-Black Boy Dreaming

Once I completed this painting, I never wanted to sell it. The image was painted from a photograph I took of a young boy I knew (and still know) when I was a teenager.

4. My Florence Scovel Shinn book

I bought a book online that had the complete collection of Florence Scovel Shinn's work. I thought I was receiving a lightly used copy and ended up receiving a very used copy complete with highlights and markings. I loved reading the book almost every day, flipping back and forth between affirmations. It was the one book I carried around with me almost every single day.

5. Shea Butter and Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Though these two items can be replaced, I always have them in my arsenal. I love shea butter and black castor oil because if I am stressed, if I smell one of these two scents, I enjoy that they are both natural and useful. I barely remember a time when shea butter was not in my life. I may have started using it at 14 or 15 years old. I started using black castor oil in 2010. I never run out of either one.

6. My Hair

I suppose my hair could be considered a possession since it is growing from my scalp. I love my hair, I love to put it in lots of plaits and decorate it. I have fun researching about how to make it healthier. I am happy when other people wash it. I like the color of my hair and I don't mind how it challenges me at times.

This is simply a brief summary of my main possessions, but there are a handful more that I love, but not to the extent of the possessions listed. Over the years, I know that it may change, but I am content with these transitions.

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