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UrbanAfrica "The Art of African Fashion" Fashion Show

On May 25, 2017, I had the privilege to be a model and one of the featured artists at UrbanAfrica's "The Art of African Fashion" show. It was an exciting experience which took place at the Bentil's Jahz Art Gallery on Enright. I was eager to participate because I have always wanted to model but never had.

Rosa Johnson is the founder and creative director of UrbanAfrica. Its mission statement is:

To promote and design culturally-inspired programs, products and services for the benefit of developing strong personal and professional relationships between people of African descent, while building a manufacturing and distribution company that preserves the traditional techniques of African artistry and creates employment opportunities within African and African Diaspora communities.

To support the mission statement, the fashion show consisted of Afrikan-centered everything. The gallery is Black owned, the wine was from Africa as well as the fabric. Every model was of Afrikan descent wearing jewelry and clothing made by Black artists. We walked the runway to the music of a Black DJ and ate food from a African restaurant. It was a sight to see!

From this experience, I have become interested in fashion design. Maybe one day, I will have my own unique designs to showcase. The future holds so many possibilities.

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