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The 10X Rule (Book Review)

I selected The 10X Rule as my next read due to an interview that I had seen on

I vaguely remember the video and I had completely forgotten the author's name. However, what stuck out in my mind was the saying "10X your life" and the author stating that he had written a book in three days.

I had so many questions after viewing the video. What was 10X? How did the author pump out a book in approximately three days? How could I replicate his work ethic? How could I have this 10X lifestyle that he was speaking of?

All of the questions I had were answered in the book The 10X Rule. This was a different type of goal setting book, unlike any I had come across. Many goal setting books advise a slow pace, to set "realistic" or "reasonable" goals. This book had more expectations for the reader to reach. Setting "realistic" goals, according to the book, was not only average but would cause a person to fail more frequently. It encouraged the reader to go beyond average. If you set extraordinary goals and take action to accomplish them, you will complete your average desires in addition to achieving your seemingly unattainable dreams.

The book contained valuable lessons in every chapter and was not repetitive. I was surprised that the author placed a glossary in the back of the book, but I realized that this was to educate the reader about the 10X principles. My favorite part of the book was when the author stated that you must be the tortoise AND the hare (making reference to the tortoise and hare fable.) You must be consistent but work with great force. I imagine this book as the compound effect, but accelerated. I was convinced with each page that I read that there was no force in this universe that could stop Grant Cardone from achieving all of his goals in life.

I recommend this book for those who are seasoned readers of goal setting books. It would be a helpful boost for those who need more fire and momentum when it comes to taking action.

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