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You Are Immortal (writing prompt)

Writing Prompt

No longer a mere mortal,

You’ve imbibed a special potion that makes you immortal.

Now that you’ve got forever, what changes will you make in your life?

How will you live life differently,

knowing you’ll always be around to be accountable for your actions?

The moment I attain eternal life on this physical plane, I will proclaim myself as a shaman and supreme educator. I will spend my days making decisions that would harvest joy in my life. I will not attempt to accelerate certain happenings or rush to get to any place, for I am timeless and will lose the desire to worry about empty things.

Every day, I would manifest beauty in the world. I will paint whatever I want and criticism will lose its power. All of the actions I am afraid to take, all of the words I am fearful of saying, I'll say and do anything and everything I want, as long as it harms no one. My time would be invested in making the lives of others better. I would do this through counseling and motivating them to accomplish their goals. My desire for causes of social justice would be reignited, for I have seen centuries of what mankind has done and is capable of doing. Because I have realized that "there is nothing new beneath the sun", my reactionary nature will be lessened. I would allow myself to feel every single emotion that I possess and I would feel no shame that I house these feelings within. Personal time with others would be more meaningful because I know their time will be limited. I will make cherish the moments I spend with them and I will make sure that they know that I am happy to be in their presence. I will lose hate for any enemies or causers of turmoil for I will be more understanding of people.

I would gain as many skills as I possibly can, practical skills that will allow me to enlighten and heal others. I would become handy and acquire skills such as carpentry, sewing, bricklaying and more. I would be able to build a cottage and a canoe from scratch. I'll know the healing arts and people will travel from all over the world and become healed. At some point in my life, I will stop wearing shoes because I will feel grounded and connected to the earth. I will be silent mostly because I have said all that I wanted to say. I will point a bony finger at people who are conducting wrong acts and I will say, "A curse upon you!" (I will not truly mean it, they will be afraid because I am the oldest living being that they know.) I may begin spending more time with sea turtles, trees and the ocean because they will understand what it is like to be ancient. I may master the art of teleportation and levitation, that should freak someone out.

People would know that I am coming because I will sing loudly. Though I can somewhat carry a tune, I am more entertained when I sing off-key. Every song I sing will be out of tune and raspy on purpose. I will out sing a rooster and a church choir. I'll create dramatic facial expressions and become an actress wearing whimsical costumes. My body will be extremely fit and toned. Since I am immortal, I may wrestle a bear simply to prove my strength and to increase the global awe of me. I would live in various monasteries and go on lengthy pilgrimages. There are so many possibilities.

Perhaps if we all lived as if we were immortal, we would truly live.

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