Goals for July 2017

I am going to do something differently this month in regards to my goals. In addition to writing at the end of each month what I accomplished during the month, I will write my goals for the month at the beginning of the month and do weekly updates about my goals. Doing this will help me to document what I am doing in order to easily achieve my goals. I have a habit of becoming busy and letting my goals slip my mind due to hectic happenings. Listed below are my goals for July 2017.

Goals for July 2017

1. Save $ [blank].

2. [Private Goal #1]

3. Workout Routine/Vitamins/Water/Tea

4. Inversion Method

5. Read one and complete one book

6. Take classes and get a certificate of completion

7. [Private Goal #2]

8. [Private Goal #3]

9. Transform my diet/eat daily intake

10.[Private Goal #3.5]

11. 10 Submissions

12. Passport 13. [Private Goal #4]

14. [Private Goal #5] 15. [Private Goal #6]

16. Internet for my home 17. Drink tea everyday

18. Get all my paperwork in order for [blank]

19. Get two new [blank]

20. Prepare for [blank]

21. Write five poems

22. [Private Goal #7]

23. [Private Goal #8]

24. Create 30 Zazzle products

25. Create 2 art pieces

26. Write 7 blog posts

Some of the goals I am keeping a secret until I have achieved them. Others are long-term and will take a while to have them come to pass, so I like to keep them safely protected in my mind.

I have a reason for doing each of my goals.

"Transform my diet/eat daily intake", "Drink tea everyday" and "Workout Routine/Vitamins/Water" are all related to one another. In an earlier blog post about my achievements in January 2017, I mentioned that I was ill. I never want to become sick like that again. My sickness in January came from a combination of not eating correctly, barely sleeping, overworking and stress. I have always known health was important, but it was not on the forefront of my mind. I knew about having a balanced life but I did not invest a supreme portion of my energy into this principle. Soft self-suggestion did not motivate me enough to stay on track. I had to admit I needed a plan. I had to truly invest time in my health and create order in how my body was nourished. That is the purpose for these three goals. I need to eat more and stop skipping meals due to carelessness. I need to actually strengthen my body because I can become too lethargic. I need to drink those beautiful boxes of herbal tea for preventative purposes. This is my plan.

"10 Submissions", "Write five poems", "Create 2 Art Pieces", "Create 30 Zazzle products", "Write 7 Blog Posts" "Passport", "Get internet for my home" and "Private Goals #2, #3.5, #4, #6, and Goal 20" are all focusing on the growth of my career. I cannot grow unless I create, hence the poetry writing and visual art. I cannot make money if I do not have new items to sell. I cannot market myself if I have no content to promote. There are things I wish to add to my resume and curriculum vitae which will aid in my success. Diligently chunking down my goals over a specific period of time will get me to that point.

I plan on this being a month of winning. There are no barriers in my way except myself.

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