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Too Good to Be True

When something feels "too good to be true" it is usually a clue of the perfect design nestled in your subconscious. We make excuses, procrastinatory decisions which can be eliminated if we patiently and consistently work to strengthen our minds, spirits and bodies. It does not matter what blockages are standing on your pathway or what limits you have placed upon yourself, you too are deserving of the good that has been created for you to enjoy.

I once saw a television program about redesigning the appearance of people who had suffered facial trauma or malformations. One episode featured a young girl who had only half a set of teeth. A bang covered one side of her face to hide the lack of an eye. Despite this, she always chose to smile and laugh. To the astonishment of the judges, she was a prolific visual artist who drew breathtaking portraits. After having her surgery and receiving a new eye and teeth, she made portraits for each of her surgeons. She still continued to have joy in her character and her gratitude made an impression on everyone in the audience.

It does not matter at what stage in your life you are or what circumstances you are facing. You can be a mathematician in a remedial math class or an athlete without legs, and still your good is waiting for you to grasp it. The New Thought teacher Emma Curtis Hopkins explained that people may make toxic decisions in their spiritual quests. Most believe that they are searching for God, but what they are truly searching for is their Good. "The Good I am seeking is my God, my God is my Life." When we claim our Good, it will fly to us.

Florence Scovel Shinn, a metaphysician during the early 20th century, wrote that "people are striving for situations which do not belong to them and would only bring failure and dissatisfaction if attained." There are material things and experiences that we may yearn for, but which would not serve us if we were to have them. Sometimes what we want is not as grand as what the Divine Creator has envisioned for us. If we continue trying to gain what is not up to par with our souls, we will find all that we have gotten slipping away like ashes through our fingers. We will become tired and restless because we have spiritually stepped backwards. It is like a 50 year old man attempting to wear the same coat he wore at age two. It will not fit and will fray at the seams. It can not house his body or his maturity. Wearing it will be uncomfortable, no matter how much he aches for it to fit. Reverting to what does not serve you anymore is a form of spiritual robbery. Why throw away the keys and chain the gates to your inner kingdom, where all of your riches are stored? Let us not be satisfied with less, but prepare for the equivalent of our wishes and more.

"Unexpected doors fly open, unexpected channels are free and endless avalanches of abundance flow to me now under grace, in perfect ways." -Florence Scovel Shinn.

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