Weekly Update: July 1 -7, 2017

Here is the summary of my weekly goals and accomplishments July 1 - 17, 2017:

I got a late start to my first day of my goals. One positive thing was that I bought necessary materials that would help me to further my goals. I also gained information related to my objectives and spent time trying to figure out if acting on the information would be beneficial to me.

The main challenge of my first day was actually my diet, strangely enough. I am doing my best to eat nourishing meals and to stop eating so sporadically. I believe that the reason I ate chaotically was because I didn't know what to eat or how much. I went to the government's website and downloaded the "My Plate" chart to follow the portions and food I needed based on my weight. Of course, I altered them based on my dietary limitations, but having an EASY template to follow helped me. I have a new lunch box cooler which fits all of my food. I am training myself to eat a full and colorful meal everyday until I can do so twice a day. My rule is that I have to eat everything in my lunch box. EVERYTHING. I ate the entire contents of the lunchbox throughout the day. The most difficult part was the salad because I hate carrots (Dr. Sebi said they weren't alkaline, so I have a fellow hater of carrots.). In addition to eating the lunchbox contents, I am drinking tea, herbal water and a smoothie everyday. I took my vitamins, in case it burned off everything for I am always on the move. Hopefully, I will gain or maintain my weight.

I began working on a painting at home that I am beginning to like. It was not too abstract, but I didn't know what to paint next. It seems like the painting is slowly unfolding, so I do not know what the end result looks like. The woman's eyes in the painting kind of creeps me out, but I like it.

I completed one lesson for a free class I am taking online. Each class can earn you a CEU credit (Continuing Education Unit) which I can place on my resume. My goal is to earn a variety of them that are related to my goals in order to show initiative.

I exercised, mostly muscle building. I figured if I danced, I might work some abdominal muscles. But I don't know how to dance, so I attempted to learn by watching music videos. I found some of Solange and she danced kind of strangely, but I liked it. I didn't feel so bad after that.

During the week, I accomplished a few more things. I raised my credit score by 79 points and completed a painting. I cleaned my home and began working on painting number two. I am working on some paperwork to get some of my private goals accomplished. I feel that I am off to a good start.

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