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The 2018 and Past Accomplishments

When a new year arrives, I anticipate all of the wonderful accomplishments it will bring with it. Throughout the year, I write down the goals I achieved in order to motivate me for the next year. Your best competitor is yourself.

Whenever I feel discouraged, I look at my list and see that I have completed major projects with little or no money, health issues and personal issues. If I made it through those things, then I certainly can make this moment triumphant.

Now I will time travel back to my accomplishments from 2017 to 2015. I will also list the obstacles I overcame on my way to winning.


I was featured on the radio to discuss my four books.

I acted in a narrative about lynching. I love being in plays, I think I may try to act in plays again.

I was a featured visual artist in a dance show. Those dancers were absolutely incredible, They danced for hours!

I had a book signing for all four of my books. It was ironic because though I had four books, it was my first signing for all of them. Better late than never, I suppose. A book signing had been on my goal list for a few years.

I modeled in a fashion show. I had always wanted to model and be in a fashion show, but nobody had ever asked me. Of course, that was my fault because I had never told that many people this desire. Ironically, this goal had been on my goal list for several years.

I visited Chicago for my 28th birthday. I had been saying I was going to visit Chicago again during every New Year's Resolution and before you knew it, seven years had passed! I had lots of fun and ate so much food.

I got a new laptop and internet for my home. For some people getting a laptop and internet is not a big deal, but for me it was a vital goal because having these tools would allow me to work on my website, online store, online enrichment classes, learn information, send off my writings, apply for grants, promote myself and open the door for new opportunities.

I made 75 products for my online store. It was 36 products less than last year, but I was not disappointed. I was surprised I had even made that many after how 2017 played out.

I wrote six poems.

Got a new job

I moved into a new apartment...after some circumstances.


2017 was a powerful year for me because up to that point, I truly thought I had COMPLETE control over my life. But as the reins were ripped from my hands repeatedly, I surrendered and became less reactionary. I realized that God, my ancestors, the Universe and my Higher Self were at work for my greater good. I had started out the year sick in bed and ended up having lots of dental issues. These things showed me that now was the time to stop putting my health on the bench and be more proactive in caring for my body. I was also kind of sad when the people I knew died. My grandma died first, but also my uncle, an old mentor, my friend and the man who had made the documentary about lynching. It was depressing, but it made me more grateful for life. Near the end of the year, somebody broke into my apartment and stole from me. They took my laptops and one of the people involved stalked me. Out of all that had happened during 2017, this had to be the most emotionally charged. It wasn't as bad as death, but it was still filled with paranoia, fear and rage. I was angry because stealing my laptop was like stealing my tools to success, because I created so many projects and opportunities on these tools. I was paranoid because everyone was a suspect. I didn't want to leave my home, I didn't want to stay, I didn't want to go to work, but I didn't want to be broke. I too afraid to sleep but too frightened to leave. I relocated about a week after the break in into a new and better apartment. It took awhile to get used to the new place, but I felt safer. And ironically, one of my resolutions for 2017 was "Get a new apartment." Ha. Everything worked out for me in the end!


Published two books.

Featured in a documentary about lynching.

Visited Memphis, Tennessee.

Made about 13 pieces of art.

Made my website


2016 was somewhat of a stable year. Somehow, I found the time to make two books even though I was making very little pay and working almost full time. I started to get sick near the end of the year, but I didn't know how bad it was. Somehow, I made about 13 art pieces. From what I can remember, I had a lot of personal stress and as a result made a terrible decision of leaving my job. I don't know how there was even a roof over my head except by God feeling sorry for me. But I still won!


Published one book

Got my first apartment

Visited Selma, Alabama

Got a job

Interviewed on the radio about my books and art


In 2015, I was stuck in a part of town that I didn't want to be in. I was broke and I had no job. I didn't know how to get out of that part of town unless I asked for a ride or took the inconvenient town bus (that didn't run on Saturdays, Sundays or after 6 PM!). I was 25 years old in my bedroom. I felt frustrated because I had applied for so many jobs and kept being denied or I could reach them by transportation. I went to a church to ask for a job and they locked the door when they saw I was of Afrikan descent. The only thing I could do was visualize. I visualized leaving. I set a date to move: June 30th. It was April. I began packing as if I was leaving. I imagined all of the projects I would complete in my new place. The next month, I ended up getting a job. It wasn't enough to move, but I kept visualizing. I imagined a place with all wooden floors, big enough to create in, with a reasonable price. Not only did I find the place that fit that description, I signed the lease June 30th. Nothing gets in the way of my deadlines!

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