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DAY 1: Your Blog's Name

I love 30 Day Challenges because I gain joy from being productive. Live Love Simple has a 30 Day Blogging challenge and I am going to pursue it. Their site is The title of my blog is "Bucket Book Blog" on my website

"Bucket Book" is not a very creative or trendy name, but it was the closest that I could get to accuracy of what I am accomplishing through blogging. BUCKET BOOK is something beyond a bucket list. I had too many goals for a simple and sleek bucket list. Also, my ideas were too numerous to place on one sheet of paper. One paper could not contain all of the affirmations I desired to say daily nor could it house information that was relevant to my desires. A binder was the most fitting and logical choice for me. I could organize it in a similar manner that fit everything. I could decorate it how I wanted and carry it with me wherever I go. It is a good memory tool because I sometimes forget the goals I would like to achieve.

Therefore, though the name isn't flashy or a humorous display of word play, it does its job by being straightforward, practical and inspiring. A Bucket Book is not a list but a book to house the chapters of your dreams.

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