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Like most of my favorite things in life, I cannot settle on ONE favorite thing. The same goes for quotes. I find myself repeating these two quotes the most:

It's not over until you win!

Les Brown

Motivational Speaker

The future belongs to those who prepare for it today.

Malcolm X

Afrikan Revolutionary

I love to listen to both men speak because their words are charged with passion and power. The knowledge that they share is straightforward and timeless. No matter how many times you say either of these quotes, they are built on truth and will never diminish in value.

It is difficult to repeat these quotes in a shallow and weak manner because this clashes with the energy behind the statements. I alternate between the two quotes based on what is happening internally and externally.

"It's not over until you win" has been a wonderful aid for me whenever I am about to give up on a project or situation. In the past, I would become upset when something I had invested time, money or emotion into crumbled in my hands. It didn't seem fair that my goals would be derailed by a person or event. But whenever I feel this way, I sit down and think about all of the people who were at this point or worse during their lifetime. Les Brown went through many struggles of low self-esteem and other issues. His marriage failed, his television show failed and he went through depression when his adoptive mother passed away. However, he rose above all of these struggles and inspired millions of people internationally.

"It's not over" is a reminder that there is not an end if you are still breathing. Just because an unfortunate circumstance showed its face doesn't mean that this is the final resolution of your life. "It's not over" houses the potential for opportunities that we may not be aware of or have overlooked. "Until you win" is the spark that drives "It's not over." These three words "until you win" gives you a target to aim for. Eventually, you will reach your target. The way you win may turn out differently than what you had envisioned. Sometimes you will receive exactly what you wanted. Other times, you will not receive what you desired, but something even better. Or, you have won due to the self-development that took place in your pursuit. You may realize that due to your growth you have outgrown a goal and will be in awe of how much strength you gained in your journey.

"The future belongs to those who prepare for it today" gives you full responsibility over your actions and reactions. Strategically planning for your own future will empower you because you will not be blown to and fro by the winds of life. This quote helps me to stay on track and take account of my goals. It saves me from being fruitless with my time and it prevents me from dedicating my hours to frivolous activities. When your vision is clear, your steps and thoughts have direction. None can sway a person whose intent is pure and focused.

Malcolm X was dynamic because his plans had clarity the global moves that he made with a reflection of his strategies. Because of his discipline, his followers adored him and his enemies hated him with a distant respect. There were no obstacles that deterred him from the goals he had practiced in his mind. He collaborated with those whose views may have been different from his because his goal was the global liberation of Afrikan peoples. He was going to achieve this "by any means necessary" even though he knew that death was coming his way. When you do not fear death, nothing can stop you.

Always remember to prepare in your present for a brighter future and that piles of failures are the building blocks for success.

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