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Your Dream Job

I cannot narrow down one job or career that would be my overall "dream job." My interests are so diverse that I cannot fit them all into one job in particular, though I am sure that there may be something out there that I do not know exists. Therefore, the only way I can describe what occupation would be the most fitting for my aspirations is to make a list of qualities of what I wish for it to bring into my life.

1. My Dream Job Must Allow Me Absolute Freedom and Control of My Time

If I had to choose between money and time, I would make time my ultimate choice. When compared with time, money seems frivolous, though it is necessary. In the past, I have chosen time over money because time is irreplaceable. Time cannot be purchased in a store. I can always have a nickel, but I cannot catch the seconds that have just passed. I cannot get a receipt on years spent investing in things that may or may not have served me. I do not want to give my precious hours to a person or organization that will not further my development. I do not want my schedule controlled, rolling out of bed on cold mornings or stormy evenings simply to make a paycheck. When you control your time, you can dedicate your hours to people and things that you are passionate about. You will feel less rushed and lose track of time because you are absorbed in your goals. You can develop as fast as you wish, you can move upward in your career because there are no policies or people becoming an obstacle for you. It allows you to be more creative because you will not have to worry about the tiny hindrances that will get in your way from job politics. If there are blockages, they only strengthen you in your independent journey.

2. My Dream Job Will Allow Me to Travel Wherever I Want

There are so many people who desire to travel and their dreams barely come to pass because they are living paycheck to pay check OR because their jobs will only allow them a certain amount of vacation time. We don't see the world because we are imprisoned in our spaces: offices, our classrooms, our own mental cages. We miss the chance to witness a vast and beautiful world.

3. It Will Provide a Blend of All of My Interests

I want a career that will allow me to blend all of my interests. I want it to give me the opportunity to learn new skills as well. I need something that will let me devote my time to reading, art, writing, spiritual development, travel, holistic care, plants and more. When you have a career that houses the elements of your happiness, life becomes more enriching.

4. My Dream Career Will Allow Me to Develop Spiritually and Mentally for the Rest of My Life

There are numerous people who simply want to meditate in the mornings or evenings. They want to sit down and study a new language or read inspiring literature. But most cannot because they have busy lives. I know there have been instances where all I wanted to do was dedicate time to a project, but my controlled schedule was sucking up my energy. It didn't matter how many apps I downloaded to my phone to make time to develop my mind and soul. It didn't matter if I would try to find "slivers" of time in my day to do such things. 5 minutes is not enough for me. 15 minutes is not enough. We should not rush ourselves through the sacred.

5. It Will Provide Financial Abundance for Me and Those Around Me

Most people would place financial abundance at the top of the list. However, there are men, women and children in lucrative careers that are not happy. They have financial wealth but not physical, mental and spiritual wealth. Of course, financial abundance paves the way for stability. It gives you the means to invest in yourself and your goals. When you are on the financial increase, you usually feel inspired and are less stressed because you do not have poverty in your pocket. I want a career that will bring me generational wealth. I will use my riches to help my family and community.

6. It Will Give Me the Option to Work in Solitude

I enjoy working on a team, but I love working alone even more. When you work in solitude, the only personality you have to work with is yours. Working in solitude allows you to have a relationship with yourself. You are not overwhelmed by chatter or distractions. The most productive I have ever been is when I work alone. Therefore, my career may be not be in the customer service industry.

7. It Will Not Confine Me to One Area and Will Give Me Upward Mobility

I dislike the emotion of looking out at a beautiful day of sunshine and being trapped: confined behind a desk, a room, section of a building. It is depressing to be deprived of the natural world, separated by man made cells. My dream career would allow me to spend time outside breathing fresh air and work from any space

8. My Dream Career Will Allow Me to Leave a Legacy and Inspire Others

If my dream career existed, I would have the energy to inspire others because I am full of joy. It is a challenge to be inspirational when you feel dormant within due to your work or other factors. I would like to use the talents I have developed in my career to motivate others to follow their ambitions. If I operate on this level on a consistent basis, the chances that my children and their children will take on the same mindset.

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