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25 Songs, 25 Days: a Song From Your Childhood

I don't know how I could possibly select one song from my childhood because there were so many songs that I sang. So instead of selecting one, I will choose the handful that truly stand out and make me remember my adolescence.

Lifescapes Album by Kristy Lee

I don't know if Kristy Lee Cook is country pop or simply pop, but whatever genre it was did not deter me from this entire album. I couldn't choose ONE song because for some reason, I played this album repeatedly. The first song on the album was "45" which stands out distinctly in my mind. The other songs I didn't understand until I was older, the meanings behind them. I played this album numerous times because I loved the calm sound of her voice. I don't know why I liked this album so much and I do not know where the CD came from (probably my mother). I still listen to her songs today.

Here is a Youtube link to one of her songs:

The Way by Fastball

I cannot describe why some songs evoke strong emotions for me. This song in particular always made me feel happy. It made me imagine that I was about to have fun. When my mom and I would travel, I am sure that this was one of the songs playing on the radio. That is why I connected it with traveling and enjoyment. I didn't truly listen to the words until I got older. Even then, I didn't fully comprehend the song. I interpreted it as young people relishing in youthful follies. However, I learned as an adult that the song was based off of the tragic death of an elderly couple who crashed their car while traveling. One spouse had had brain surgery, the other suffered from Alzheimer's or dementia. With the combination of memory loss and the dangerous road, it ended sadly. When I learned that story, I was inspired by the song. They are in a better place. LINK:

Wizard of a Day sung by Aileen Quinn from "The Wizard of Oz"

There was an Anime "The Wizard of Oz" movie that I watched on the VCR tape or whatever it was called. I had owned the movie for a decent amount of time. I may have received it as a toddler. I remember watching this movie repeatedly because it was one of my favorites. When I became an adult, the only reason I found this movie on Youtube was due to the song "Wizard of a Day." Now that I have had time to think about the lyrics, I realize that the song doesn't make any sense, it sounds like it was thrown together in the first half. That line "bright as Christmas dishes, delicious Wizard of a Day" sounds slightly cannibalistic. This does not lessen my love for the film or the song.

Jesus Lover of My Soul, Place in This World, These Are the Days of Elijah and I Love You Lord (with all the other Christian music of the 1990's)

I went to Christian schools from preschool through the 9th grade. At my second school, we would have chapel once a week. Since it was a church school, we would see one another in the classroom and the pews. We would hear the same music while being educated and in praise and worship. I believe I learned these songs in the first grade because whenever I hear them, my mind flashes back to the first grade. Out of all of the songs in this post, these songs in particular bring back vivid memories. In fact, many of the popular Christian songs of the 1990's affect my memory in the same way. They also create an emotional response when I hear them. I either feel sad or some strange emotion I can't put my finger on. They make me think of young people that I knew who have died, but I don't know why that is the first reaction I have. They are definitely powerful songs.

To conclude, the list of songs from my childhood would stretch as long as a week, but this sums them up accurately.

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