Your Current Relationship.

My current relationship is with my goals. I am practicing investing in myself more wisely. When you invest in the relationship that you have with yourself and your goals, you save more energy. If you are in a relationship with someone else, your time is split between you, the other person and your dreams. Sometimes, this works, especially if you and your partner collaborate well. But if it is a toxic relationship, nothing gets accomplished. Everyone is dissatisfied and soon one or more will realize that the hours wasted could have been spent in on something more productive.

My goals are the most advantageous relationship for me to have at this time. I know that the energy and action given to my dreams will be reciprocated. I do not have to question if I can trust my goal or trust myself. I do not have to worry about my goals walking away one day or never being satisfied by my dedication to them. Some people call that "building up walls" but I view it as "building up energy." If you bet on yourself, you will not have the attention to be lured into a relationship that will run you in circles for days, months or years. In fact, because you are in this mindset, the people who may be an unwise distraction will vanish from your presence. Suddenly, the right people will show up. They will be magically thrown into your life.

The time I have now, I will fully invest in my goals until the right one approaches. When I have a family someday, my time will be shared between a husband, children and goals. But currently there isn't a husband or children, only goals. Therefore, I will take this time for myself until these things somehow manifest. Otherwise, I will simply be twiddling my thumbs and waiting until cobwebs grow on my fingers. When you display action you will get action. When you win inside of yourself, you win outside of yourself.

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