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February 2018 Review and Accomplishments

After learning from January, I decided to try to up my game and strive harder to achieve my goals. Surprisingly, I did get things done during the short time I had during February. Here is what I managed to do and everything I did to celebrate the second month of the year.

I Created Two Paintings

I decided I needed to produce more art for February since I didn't do anything for January. I created two 16 X 20 acrylic pieces: The Magician and The High Priestess.

I Made 11 Products for My Online Store

My goal was actually 30 products. I created two less products than the month before, but I feel satisfied if I make it past the 10 mark

I Read Two Books

I don't get to read lots of books based on my schedule, but in January, I read books but did not complete them. So in February, I was completed two books: Almond Eyes, Lotus Feet: Indian Traditions in Beauty and Health by Shalini Devi and Sharada Dwivedi and Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth by Peter Kelder. I learned so much about India and physical rejuvenation. It felt like my mind was spinning!

I Wrote 11 Blog Posts

It was easier to write blogs when I had a subject to write about. I used 30 Day Challenges as my template so that I could have a variety of topics.

I Revamped My Diet

February was very physically intense. I made the decision that I needed to change my diet. I began consuming more salads and varieties of foods. I needed more nutrients and my current eating style was not suitable at all. I also became more consistent with my supplements. I also banned myself from certain breads and all candy or sugar.

I Took Myself Out on Dates (Continued)

The "dates" that I planned on going on by myself surprisingly ended up having people involved, except one. I hung out with my friend, she and I went shopping at the Galleria. I had almost forgotten what it was like to be girly, all I had been thinking about was work or goals. I had so much fun. I was going to go to the movies alone again, but ended up inviting a friend. We saw "Black Panther" and I enjoyed the movie. The last date of the month was a trip to a different mall and it made me feel like a teenager again. I already have my dates for March scheduled.

I Began to Try New Styles of Exercise

After reading about the Tibetan Rejuvenation Rites, my interest in various forms of exercise was rekindled. I did a bit of Qigong and it was a soothing experience. I plan to explore more about it during March.

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