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How I Feel About My Last Name

Currently, my last name is still Smith. When people ask for my last name and I say, "Smith," they usually respond with "Really?" They never explain to me why they assume my last name is something else. Perhaps they think that it is supposed to be exotic, strange or whimsical which is, not surprisingly, their overall impression of me (on average).

There was a time where I did desire a more exciting last name. I was surrounded by people with very interesting surnames and I felt that it made them stand out. I wanted to be different and I felt that Smith made my first and middle name boring. There were so many Smiths, I felt like I was thrown into the Smith pile. I could think of hundreds of more fascinating last names and I liked to practice them to see how they sounded with "Kiarra" and "Lynn".

Now, I have recently realized that "Smith" is the most suitable last name for me currently and perhaps the most accurate to my personality. Though Smith means "a worker in metal", it also is a suffix and means "denoting a person skilled in creating something with a specified material."

This is accurate because I am a creator. I create paintings, drawings, essays, poems, opportunities, changes in my life and more. Artsmith, wordsmith, goldsmith, a Smith can be anything. Because Smith begins as a blank slate, it can be made into anything that you wish. Your Smith can be dull or it can be enchanting. It is all up to you and what you add into your life.

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