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My Five Current Goals

There is never a month that goes by where I am NOT actively working on a goal or project. I have a mixture of long-term, short-term and midway goals. Some goals I share, others I do not or simply remain elusive. I didn't understand in the past why certain people stayed silent about their ambitions. Now I see it is because there are people out there who only want to see you fail because their calcified souls and because it is easier to tearing down your construction than working on their own skyscrapers. So for this post, I will speak in hints until the goals manifest.

1. Goal #1 has something to do with tables.

2. Goal #2 has something to do with keyboards.

3. Goal #3 has something to do with cranes and heaven and earth

4. Goal #4 has something to with lotus flowers and fingers

5. Goal #5 has something to do with shoelaces

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