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March 2018 Review and Accomplishments

March rushed into my life riding the winds of change and excitement. There were many occurrences, both great and frustrating. Here is an overview of what transpired.

I Changed My Plans

Near the end of March, I had to step into a strategic position in my own life. I believe in helping myself and being my own heroine. I made some immediate choices that ended up buffering something that could have been extremely stressful. It was one of the few times in my life where I did myself a favor by making some split-second actions. I look forward to the new changes that are coming my way as a result of this new method.

I Took Myself Out Even More

I received free concert tickets to Powell Hall to see the symphony and an opera singer. For seven years, I sang in a children's choir and we performed at Powell Hall a few times a year. It was wonderful to see the symphony again. The concert was impressive. I enjoyed every song and it was so magical. I also went to eat at SweetArt for the first time and ate the most delicious veggie burger. I spent most of the month trying new food.


I Began Taking Better Care of My Health

I was being more consistent in March with my health than in previous months. I began to get acupuncture more regularly.

I Visited a Temple

I have always wanted to visit a temple, so I visited the Hare Krishna temple. I came on a day that was celebrating Rama. I didn't completely understand what was going on, though the person I came with patiently explained every element of the rituals. I felt very underdressed because everyone was absolutely dazzling! I am glad that I visited because I learned so much. I also loved the flower garlands that they placed around my neck. I felt very holy.

These were my accomplishments for March. April will be filled with success as well!

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