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Soul Over Matter Book Review

The first time I heard of Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha was when I came across a Youtube video of him singing a Taoist song for healing. As a result, I watched several more videos of him singing and activating people's hands with healing energy as they yelled, "Traaaaaannnnnsmissssionnnnn!" In a serendipitous twist, while shelving books at my job, Master Sha's books appeared on my cart three separate times.

Soul Over Matter: Ancient and Modern Wisdom and Practical Techniques to Create Unlimited Abundance is a collaborative work between Master Sha and attorney Adam Markel. It is essentially a financial book, however, it has the aura of a spiritual work. The main idea of this book is that a person's financial abundance or impoverishment is linked to ancestral and personal karma. Personally, I agree more with both forms of karma, though others may disagree with this hypothesis. The example I like to use to explain karma is a pregnant drug addict. What the mother puts into her body, the stress that she is under, the situation she is in and other factors can have a physical, mental and emotional impact on her child. The consequences of her decisions not only affect the child, but it can make a generational mark beyond her offspring. This, in a sense, is karma.

In the book, Master Sha explains that the actions of your ancestors can cause you to receive heavenly and earthly blessings or curses. When they mentioned that money was an element of this, countless examples came into my mind. We learn to have a prosperity or poverty consciousness by those who are around us. If we have grown up in financial struggle, it has the potential to become our reality, for that is what is familiar to us. The book Soul Over Matter teaches readers how to clear negative karma and build up positive karma. I learned techniques such as Soul Marketing and singing divine soul songs.

Though the book had two authors, a bulk of it was written by Dr. and Master Sha. The most vital chapter of the book was Chapter 8: "Applying Soul Over Matter: Ten Practices to Clear Jing Qi Shen Blockages and Manifest Financial Abundance." In this chapter, Master Sha explains the Ten Da Qualities to transform your finances and business. "Da" means greatest or highest. What I enjoyed about this chapter is that Master Sha shared many details about each quality. Because the qualities were in another language, he showed the reader not only how to pronounce the words, but the meaning of each word and how it was used in a sentence. I was especially happy about this because I feel frustrated when I see a word or phrase in another language but I do not know how to pronounce it. Each quality comes with four sacred phrases that the reader can say, think, write or chant. In the middle of the book are two images of calligraphy that is downloaded with soul energy. The reader can trace the images with his or her fingers or gaze upon them to activate the blessings.

This book was a pleasant read and I admired its emphasis on spirituality. It simplified complex ideas in order for the reader to have a true understanding of the book's concept. It would be best to buy the book instead of borrowing it so that you can infuse the calligraphy drawings with your personal energy. Soul Over Matter gives readers the spiritual tools to receive their earthly and heavenly rewards.

To learn more about Dr. and Master Sha visit his website at

To learn more about Adam Markel visit his website at

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