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Self-Discipline: an Element to Improve Your Spiritual Walk

I have met many people who have called themselves spiritualist. Almost anyone can spot them from blocks away. They are usually decorated in copper, crystals and elaborately styled hair. Most are comfortably or sensually dressed. They are a walking art form, like a god or goddess who has come down from an ethereal plane to converse with a willing ear. Whenever I meet this flavor of person, I am usually immersed in the spiritual language. Sometimes I will hear the same phrases but from another mouth; the same concepts but with a twist. I have met universal mothers, cosmic kings, nation building sisterlovers, sidewalk Buddhas and bean pie brothas, but the type of individual I rarely meet is one with self-discipline.

For years, I felt something that I was overlooking or missing when it came to the spiritual community and also myself. I did not know what the absent key was. Many spiritualists and non-spiritualists spoke about prosperity and goals, yet years passed by without a harvest in sight. Many people spoke of themselves in large quantities showcasing the layout of their diets, words and clothing. Yet it all felt empty and I couldn't decide whether it was confidence or the lack of humility. Yet, I would go to books about successful people and the blaring realization came to me that these people had self-discipline in common.

When a person has self-discipline, they do not have time to concentrate on what others are doing. They do not have to boast nor be at the front and center. I noticed that those who did not have a spiritual path yet had self-discipline not only appeared to have a more stable lifestyle than the spiritualists, they also accomplished many of their goals. I also made the observation that some people would completely disappear for months or years, only to reappear with their goals completed and success in multiple areas.

We waste so much precious time trying to outdo and outspiritualize other people. When other people are taken out of the equation and you simply and honestly focus of developing the higher qualities within yourself, it become easier to manifest your desires. Self-discipline eliminates distraction and incomplete dreams. This does not mean that you have to chant for days or take a year-long pilgrimage. It only requires subtle changes, small decisions that slowly carve out a more radiant you.

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