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January 2019 Accomplishments

My 2019 protest poster

January started off rather productively. I decided to strive harder to be more consistent with all of my goals, no matter how difficult they were. My primary focus was career development, therefore, my tasks were career-oriented. As a result, I achieved the following goals in January 2019.

1. I Wrote Four Blog Posts

Despite my hectic schedule, I found the time to craft four blog posts. I wrote as many as I could in a short amount of time because I knew my schedule was going to become quite busy.

2. Made 15 Zazzle Products

I concentrated on creating as many online products as I could with the energy that I had left. As a result of promoting my store, I acquired sales.

3. Attended the Martin Luther King Jr. March

I had not attended the Martin Luther King Jr. Day parade since I was in high school. I decided that since it had been over a decade, I should participate in the parade this year for 2019. I was a bit excited and even created a poster.The entire experience was disappointing. I arrived to the Court House on time and the marchers were not there. The Court House was closed due to the government shutdown and an entire series of irritating events followed afterward. I will never attend the march again.

4. I Made a New Bookmark

Since I am an avid reader, I wanted to create book marks featuring my art work. Each month, I plan on doing a different design for each month. The book mark for January showcases my painting The Magician.

5. I Worked on My Website

It is my plan during 2019 to revamp my website. I added an online store and more artwork to my site. My goal is to become more active on my site as I develop as an artist and a writer.

6. I Made Video Slideshows

During January, I made a few video slideshows and book tributes. It was my first time truly practicing with video editing. I am proud of myself for gaining the discipline to learn this subject. I look forward to gaining more knowledge during the years to come.

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