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February 2019 Review and Accomplishments

February 2019 was a very busy month for me. Despite my busy schedule and personal events occurring in my life, I accomplished a few goals. Here is my review for the month of February:

I Created One Painting

I created an art piece specifically for an event titled "Remember the 400." I had been so busy that I had not created a painting in a while. As I painted it, I felt reconnected once again. It is titled "Oracles" and is about Black women preserving the spirituality of the community from antiquity to the modern day.

I Tested Out Recording My Poetry

For a few months, I have been teaching myself how to make videos with the equipment in my arsenal. For Black History Month, I decided to make an audio version of my sonnet "Picket Fence." In January, I recorded myself reciting my poem "Children of the King." My goal is to create videos of high quality in the future.

I Got a Personalized Back Pack with My Art on It

I waited for weeks for my backpack and I finally received it. I purchased it as a way to promote my visual art.

I Read One Book

For a few months, I had a bit of difficulty completing a book from cover to cover. However, I found the time this month and truly enjoyed myself.

I Made Six Products

I desired to make more, but didn't reach my goal. However, at least I made something.

Though February was not as grand as I wanted it to be, there is always tomorrow. I look forward to all that I will achieve in March 2019.

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