May 2019 Dream Journal

Forest Park

Documentation of the dreams that I had throughout the month of May 2019. Most of the dreams are a continuation of my April 2019 dreams.

In my April 2019 dreams, there was a civil war in my city and the bridges and trains were destroyed. Nobody could get out and people were hungry. I had a dream every single night but I could not remember them all.


I was shown a painting of a fish. It was an abstract piece and I believe that the person holding it wanted me to paint it. One of my teeth broke off. I was traveling the blue line train on the way to Fairview Heights. We were up in the clouds. I did not recognize the area where I was going. I was moving away from danger. I was with a woman that I did not know and she was speaking to me. We were up in the air and the tracks looked like a roller coaster. The sun was setting and I felt afraid.


I saw a mala and I heard someone chanting Sanskrit mantras.


I was frying fish in a neighborhood that looked familiar. I was with my friend and her father. I heard someone asking me questions. I felt that I needed to leave. I had $500 in my wallet and I saw a white car with writing on it almost hit a child. There was a bridge with people on it, looking down at me. Orange juice was pouring from the sky. I was in the America's Center Convention Center.


I was in my apartment and everything was dark. It did not look like my apartment but it was. I was alone in the dark and afraid. I was on the floor because there was a civil war happening outside. Someone was trying to break in and I hid. My friend who is in the military appeared and handed me a weapon. He said, "You need to arm yourself." but I didn't know whether to take the weapon or not.


I was wandering throughout the day. I ran into people that I knew. I was at a festival, most likely the African Arts Festival. I kept running away. The dream was moving quickly. I was on South Grand, near Meramec. There was an ice cream store called Jenny's that closed at 10 PM. I was very sad. I remember the numbers 38.12. I had reunited with an ex. I was very angry at him and brought up someone. I argued with him and he didn't respond.


I remember the number 20. I was sad and confused. It was spring time but there was snow everywhere. I touched a flower and the I was downtown in a city and time period that I did not recognize. There was a dark building made of wood and an older white lady wearing 19th century clothing. I was in a bar and the building was a bed an breakfast. The streets were empty and people were in hiding because they were in danger. I didn't know where to go or how to escape. The same ex from a previous dream appeared. He was smiling. We were talking peacefully.


(May 10)

I was heading on a bus to South Grand and Meramec. There was a mother and son joking around and heading to church. There was an overall conversation about population control. There were aliens who were controlling society. They could make people live until 357 years old but they were not able to procreate due to the "Grand Explosion" (whatever that was). People were angry about the control and began to resist. There were humanoids that wanted freedom as well. Children were being consistently taken away from their parents. Many people had to make their children out of clay. I had a difficult time forming my child out of clay and kept trying to mold it with my hands. Two parents were arguing with an alien, asking for their son to be returned. I began walking going to the Science Center in Forest Park. I took a route that I had never seen before and felt lonely. I kept running into young white couples that kept walking past me and laughing with one another. I was not paying attention to where I was walking. I was up in the clouds and walking on rocks in a small pond floating in the air. I could have fallen many times but I was being protected by something. I walked on the cobblestones toward the Science Center but I don't know why I was going there. Someone asked if I had seen a girl named Jessica. When I arrived at the Science Center, I entered a gym crowded with children. Someone told me that I had to monitor all of the children. They were playing volleyball but I did not know how to keep score. A young Black boy was ordering me around but I couldn't hear, everything was noisy. I kept being criticized and I wanted to leave.


(May 11)

There was something about ducks, bricks and a dragon. The name of the person I didn't like was brought up.


(May 12)

I was going to Powell Symphony Hall with my friend R. We went there to hide because there was a civil war occurring. We climbed the stairs but we could not go into certain rooms. I kept hearing "Long live the King" and I saw Prince Harry. My family was going on a trip somewhere. My cousin K was getting married. I don't know where we were going. I remember the numbers 71 / 72. I was on a very long train heading toward the mountains in winter. There was space for hundreds of people yet nowhere to hide. I was leaving town to get to safety. Suddenly, I was in a dimly lit home. My boss's daughter was speaking to someone. She pointed at a large brown leather book on a wooden shelf. There was a car bumper made completely out of leather. Someone said that they ripped off the bumper in order to make a book. There was a Pakistani girl who wrote books for children. She lived with her mother and relocated with other relatives. As a result, she became bored. I was sitting on the couch and someone was taking a nap on the couch. It turned out that it was a guy I was attracted to. We could not be in a relationship in my dream. I heard the name Angie Stone or Angela Stone.


(May 13)

There was a vast field and there were two young people in a horse drawn buggy. One was a girl who was between the ages of 13 through 15. She was wearing simple white dress with no shoes. She was a dark-skinned Black girl and she had her hair cut very short. She looked miserable. The other was a brown-skinned to dark-skinned Black boy who was either around the same age or a bit older. His name was Percy. They were friends but I don't know if the friendship was by choice. The two children were enslaved and were owned by a cruel white woman with purple hair. The white woman was in her forties or fifties and was going to be having a party. She left an older Black guy to watch over the two youth during the party so perhaps he was an overseer. He was a dark-skinned guy with locs and was wearing a hat. He was in his 20s, mean and had a whip He was somewhat dressed like a postal worker and was wearing all beige. He yelled at the children to come and pick more cotton.

There were baskets of already picked cotton in the back of the buggy. The cotton looked like dreamy snow on the ground. The girl, I believe her name was Harriet or Henrietta, because I heard that name mentioned in the dream. Harriet had finally had enough. She sat in the cart angry and made a personal decision to be free. She didn't care what she had to do in order to get freedom. Percy was not as mentally sharp as Harriet. Harriet decided to get out of the buggy and attack the man with the locs. She knew that they would have to run because the white lady was near. She jumped on him and I believe stabbed him in the throat with a pencil. Attached to the buggy were two horses. One horse was brown. Harriet jumped in the cart and told Percy to hurry, they had to leave. Percy was moving much too slowly so Harriet took over. The white lady came near and saw what was happening. She was in a car with her friends. Harriet and Percy dashed off in the buggy and the white woman began to chase them. At this point, I took on the viewpoint of Harriet. I was Harriet.

For some reason, everything was moving slowly and Harriet knew that the way to freedom was to go through a door in the white woman's home. It was by that point I realized that now there were no horses and Harriet was generating the power of speed with her mind because she wanted to escape so badly. At a point, there had been horses but they couldn't fit in the house. The home was dark and dimly lit. It was night. Harriet and Percy were trapped in a room with brown walls. A view of the car with the white woman and her friends pulled up. They were dressed for a costume party. They came to get the youth. Harriet saw their feet through the slit of the door. She ran through the large back doors which were in the and left Percy behind. She ran through the back yard, through the grass. The grass was a deep deep forest green. I don't know where she ran to but she ended up in another time and space.

Suddenly, I was me again. I didn't know where I was but I was in a new place and everything was modern as it is now. I passed fast food restaurants and saw people jogging. I didn't know where I was going. I ended up with a group of people sitting at a table. We were talking about the year 2019 and 2020. One said that one was a year of luck, another said that there would be a year of death coming.

I asked which one was it but nobody would give me an answer.

Near the end of the dream, I became Harriet again. For some reason, I decided to return to the "plantation" which was actually a home in the suburbs. As myself, I didn't understand why Harriet was returning but this was explained in my dream. Harriet became a white girl in her late teens and early 20s. The white girl was returning home to her mother who was the woman who had chased Percy and Harriet. The white girl was somewhat plus-sized and had long sandy brown hair which was tailbone length. The tips of her hair were dyed purple. Harriet decided to transform into a white girl so that she could safely see her mother again. It was night time and the grass was still a deep-forest green. Harriet climbed over a very tall fence and entered into the home. She saw her mother (the white lady) was so happy to see her because they had not seen one another for a long time. The white woman brought Harriet (now a white girl) into a room. The mother said, "Look, it is Percy! Don't you remember Percy?"

At that moment, Harriet realized that the mother knew that she was the Black Harriet. I realized that the white woman was not the same as she had been before. She had seen through Harriet's disguise and was not going to hurt them. It seemed in the dream that she had actually missed her. When Harriet looked at Percy, she was shocked. He was laying in the bed and his head was shaped like a cone. He was playing a children's game. The reason she was shocked to see Percy was because she thought she had already killed Percy. She thought she had stabbed him in the throat. The mother told Harriet to kiss him, so she did, but only out of sympathy. The mother joked with Harriet that Percy was dating some other girl. The mother smiled. Apparently, the mother had been taking care of Percy. After that I woke up.


(May 14)

I had a dream but I don't remember what it was about


(May 15)

In my dream, I was traveling to various places. I felt worried about something and didn't know where I was going. The first place was somewhere near the country side. A young couple asked me for directions to some typo of green limo/prairie wagon site. They brought up the name Molly's. I walked away and went to a space where you could make soap. There were all different types of soaps to make. I left and got on the Metrolink (train). I was hiding yet carrying three of my paintings with me. I recognized one painting as Her. I got off of the train and went into a Dollar General. My old roommate, Victoria, came into the store singing loudly and wearing a red cape (she always sang loudly and wore capes). She saw me and we spoke. We somehow ended up in a beautiful mall and there were flashing lights talking about abortions. It was on a movie theater. Suddenly, Victoria had turned into a strange, tall blond haired man. The man said there were lots of movies at the theater, even Rugrats. It would be his treat. I said no. The man and I continued walking and he told me that he was studying skincare. He had just graduated from some type of skincare institute, but he disliked the founder. I asked, "Does the founder's skin care work?" and he replied, "No, not at all." He had already begun making his own skin care products. We went shelf by shelf critiquing each product. I was not satisfied with any because they were made with cheap ingredients and strange colors. Near the end of my dreams, someone was telling me a message about Black boys.


(May 16)

In my dream, I was wandering and full of anxiety. I had made the decision to relocate suddenly and I ended up partially moving to Chicago. I say partially because part of me was still in St. Louis. I arrived to Chicago and didn't know quite what to do, I just knew I had to take some sort of action. I walked into a library and when I looked up, I saw my friend from out of town, D. (In real life, D and I had met in St. Louis in 2014. He was from another city but he moved away). I walked into the library and tried to avoid him. I looked away and walked through the automatic closing doors. My entire body bumped into him and I didn't know what to do because I was still attracted to him. I didn't want to look into his eyes. I tried to walk the other way around but he gave me a hug as he was talking on the phone. He got off of the phone and asked what was my number again, in the lobby. In the lobby was a random white man who had also come from Missouri. But he was from St. Charles and lived near Main Street. I told him that the cobblestones on Main Street were an idiotic fixture and how much I despised St. Charles.

D and I met up with a white lady who I guess was someone both of us were working for. She was upset with me because I had sent her samples photography that she had emailed me about. I had no idea of what she was talking about. She drove us through different areas of the city and I took photos as I went along. Somehow we ended up on a beautiful road outside of the city. In the distance were pristine lakes and mountains covered in snow. Somehow, I had a camera and I took photos of the mountains. We ended up in a room which was supposed to be her office. Ironically, this was my old room, in my mother's apartment. I looked and there were three statues of three Kemetic gods who I somewhat recognized.

Suddenly, the lady and D were gone and I was in a wedding dress. I was marrying D but in my dream I didn't know why I was marrying him so quickly. I didn't know how we were getting married but I had only just seen him yesterday. In my dream, I realized years had passed. I looked for a veil and I was wearing a blue dress beneath the wedding dress. I had on a blue bracelet that my friend Jordyn had given me and I said, "Now I have something blue." I walked away from the parking lot of the apartment to go get married, but I was still a bit confused as to why we were getting married.

I was in a car with someone that looked like my friend Meredith from school. We were driving to Chicago for me to marry D. Meredith had a daughter who looked just like her and they were joking around. I was putting on makeup in the passenger's seat, but I didn't know how to do it because I never wore makeup and didn't know how to apply it.

The next part of my dream, I was at work in another building and my boss was having a sale. A little girl got discounts off of items and got five items for $15. My employer was instructing me about something and I became very overwhelmed and screamed. I threw a pile of items to the ground and the items turned into the cards of the Tarot. One card was the 9 of Cups, the other was the 3 of Cups and the others were still fluttering. Everyone looked at me and asked what was wrong but I didn't know what to say.


I dreamt that I was at a store and there had been a fire. Ironically, none of the merchandise was touched. I felt very sad about the damage. I was with two people that I knew.


(May 19th)

In my dream, I was attempting to leave town. However, there seemed to be no way out. My city was in the middle of a civil war. I went to an apartment and in my dream it was my mother's apartment. She was not there. There were items in the tub that looked like hardware tools. I felt upset because everyone was gone and I was worried. I kept hearing Mariah Carey's name in my dream. I decided that I needed to escape town somehow. I headed to North Hanley Station. I most likely was going to take the red line train to the airport.


(May 20th)

I don't know where I was but I felt worried. I felt that I was relocating. I ended up at a school and the children were doing some type of dance. It was children of all races and they were holding hands and performing a large circular dance. They lifted some type of rainbow cloth above their heads and danced joyously. Suddenly, all of the children merged into one massive form of all of their bodies. They all curled into the fetal position and stopped dancing.

I ended up in another town that I did not recognize and was going to a party. I became frustrated because I did not know where I was going or why I was going. When I arrived to the small party, I ate cookies. There were people I had never met before and they were laughing and enjoying the gathering. Near the end of the dream, my friend S knocked on my door. I don't know why he knocked, but he was wearing a crown and looked happy.

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