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January Dreams 2022 (Dreams That I Had During January 2022)


I was in the balcony of my childhood church, COTR. I had not been there in many years and though I was an adult, in my dream, I was in the body of a child. I was trying to figure out how to leave during praise and worship because I did not know how I ended up in the church. Everyone was singing and the church was glowing with white and sunset hues. People began saying hello to me and asking what was wrong. They all looked different but I think I knew them. Everything seemed familiar and I felt that I was trapped in the past. I almost started crying because I wanted to go but didn't know how to leave. One person asked was I reading my Bible. I don't remember much else except for red floors and a red banister. The only way out was to go downstairs but they were blocking the corridor that led to it.


I had a dream that I was in Ferguson, Missouri in my childhood neighborhood. It was Halloween and everyone was running from gunfire. I ran near my grandmother's house and came to a little free library book box. I opened it to get books and three blue Bibles fell out. I was very confused at why there were so many Bibles in one box but I took one anyway and ran.


I was in a strange place and I didn't know where I was. There were other parts of the dream that I cannot remember but near the end of the dream, I encountered a Chucky doll. He was trying to destroy me and I felt the power in my body leaving me. I somehow grabbed his arms and placed them behind his back and began performing some type of exorcism using the name of Jesus. I was able to conquer him.


I was at work and something happened there that made me sad. I don't remember what had occurred, but I decided to leave. I don't know where I was walking to. I passed by a girl who I seemed to know in the dream but had never met in the waking world. She was a white girl, maybe a teen or in her early twenties with long dark hair and makeup. She spoke to me and asked me what was wrong. I told her that I had to go and began walking. However, I turned around and hugged her. I cried and said, "I am trying everything, and nothing is working and I just don't know what to do." She replied, "It will be okay" and other words.

I was in a strange land with a cloudy sky. The sky had large bulbous planes or blimps flying. There was a narrow winding path that led over many hills. I walked until I realized that I had arrived to my childhood church, COTR. AGAIN! I was so frustrated and did not understand how I had ended up back at this church, but I walked inside anyway. The church in the the waking world has a large newer building, but I walked into the old church building from my childhood. The hallways were completely dark and empty except for a blind man with crutches in the middle of my path. His back was turned to me and his entire body was pale, even his clothes. "Excuse me," I said but he did not turn. "Excuse me," I said louder and he replied, "Oh I am sorry, I didn't hear you." I said, "It's okay, I did not want to startle you."

I walked until I reached a part of the church that I didn't recognize. I walked downstairs into some type of bathroom. The only person I recognized down there was my mother. She was talking to another member about the blind people that she was taking care of. When I walked up the stairs, I realized that I was in a stadium. It was a sports arena filled with thousands of people and an open sky. I was at the very highest and last row of the arena, confused as to how I got here. A Black woman with a short blond hair cut walked up to me and asked how I was. I said, "I am okay." She asked had I "talked to my guy, S" and smiled. I was so irritated that she had even brought up that dude's name for no reason that I turned away from her. "WOW," I replied.

I looked up at the sky and saw the bulbous airplanes again. I was worried because they were too close to the stadium. One of the planes began dropping down to land in the open stadium. "What are they doing?!" I asked in panic, "Are they crazy?" The plane landed and rolled into an opening at the bottom of the arena. There was a great explosion. I ran down to the field in order to get out and I heard the screams of people being burned alive. The corridors were pitch black and no exit doors had been built. The only way to possibly escape would be to climb to the top and jump or to climb down the side of the stadium. I didn't know how to mentally handle being surrounded by a great conflagration. I forced myself to wake up because there were no options to save myself.


I remember a jade Ganesha faucet and also that my old co-worker was pregnant, I believe with a boy. She pointed to her womb. I kept seeing cartoons of people jumping from buildings. The reason they were jumping was to showcase the level of belief in their dreams. Some people jumped and slammed to the ground, for they did not believe in themselves. Others floated halfway and began to doubt themselves, so they also fell. The ones who survived floated calmly and descended with ease.


I was in a city, the same city where the people jumped from the buildings. I felt troubled and disturbed. I had come from a trip from somewhere that I do not remember. I looked out at the city lights, for it was nighttime. I felt a great sadness and wrapped myself in a blanket.

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