Kiarra can be contacted by email at


You can contact her for the following reasons:

  • Questions and comments

  • Commission to make a personal card or letter

  • Commission for fine art

  • To buy existing pieces

  • To edit or write a book for any age group

  • Invitations




When you want to have a card or letter made, please be specific in detail. Make sure you mention:

  • The name of person, people, organization, animal or inanimate object that the card or letter is being given to.

  • The colors that you are the reciever would like

  • The size

  • The theme that you would like

  • The event that the card/letter is for (birthday, anniversary, etc)

  • The whimsical factor (do you want it to be flashy or calm and reserved?)

  • The date that you need it by

  • If you want it sent to you or the receiver

  • The message you would like (if you wish for me to type out the message)


Make sure that you take a photo of you or the receiver with the letter or card to be added to the Quizzical Qard Gallery!