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Collective Face: A Series of Quatrains on Community Building

Authored and illustrated by Kiarra Lynn Smith

46 Pages



Collective Face is a collection of quatrains (a rhyming verse of four lines) that introduces ways to create a better neighborhood and world. It features children of Afrikan descent and contains an abundance of ideas. It is an excellent learning tool for both children and adults. It invites collaborative actions through activities and discussion. This book began as a series of writing prompts in Yari Yari Literary Group and is a blend of the author's experiences with community work.


It can be purchased here.                  BUY NOW






Let’s Speak! Kiswahili

Three Short Stories Teaching Basic Kiswahili Words

92 Pages


 This book began as a program that author and illustrator, Kiarra Lynn Smith began in her local library. It is a workbook for all ages to learn the language of Kiswahili.


 The book covers three subjects: counting, days of the week and months of the year. The stories are written in English with the Kiswahili term for the subject matter listed on the page. Kiswahili is from the Bantu group of languages and began as a coastal language in before moving inland. It is spoken globally and is also used for Kwanzaa.


The stories feature characters of Afrikan descent and at the end of each lesson, there are activities and questions. There is also additional information about the language in the back of the book.


This is the first book in the Let’s Speak! Series. It is Kiarra Lynn Smith’s second book.


It can be purchased here.             BUY NOW


    The Bookcart Dance-Off: a Library Tale

28 Pages

      This comical tale tells the story o library shelvers participating in the daunting  Bookcart Dance-Off Competition. It was inspired by

Kiarra Lynn Smith's work in a library and from the annual Book Cart Drill Team competitions around the United States.

It can be purchased here


           Vibration: a Collection of Poetry, Essays and Art

Written and illustrated by Kiarra Lynn Smith

88 Pages



This book is a collection of writings written between the years 2009 and 2016. The poetry, essays and art mirror the author's experiences with racism, spirituality and nature.

The book can be purchased here. 


The Bleached Out Faced Cover shrunken do

                          Ballad of the Bleached-Out Face 

Written and illustrated by Kiarra Lynn Smith

32 Pages



This book is a poetic tale that focuses on the epidemic of global skin bleaching.


The book can be purchased here  



(1) Emmett Till cover.jpg

I'll Meet You In the Sky:

a Requiem for Emmett Till

38 Pages



A poetic journey through the Emmett Till lynching,

told from the perspective of those closest to the tragedy.

It can be purchased here. 


Kwanzaa cover 2022.jpg


The Spirits of Kwanzaa

A Creative Workbook Celebrating

the Fundamentals of Kwanzaa

67 Pages


 The Spirits of Kwanzaa: a Creative Workbook Celebrating the Fundamentals of Kwanzaa explores the meaning behind the Seven Principles of the Nguzo Saba. Readers will learn about the symbols and terminology of Kwanzaa, complete with discussion questions and other activities. Written and illustrated by visual artist and writer, Kiarra Lynn Smith, this book is a celebration and reflection on Black heritage. To learn more about Kiarra and to view art, visit her website at


It can be purchased here.               BUY NOW

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